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The Ultimate Startup Guide

The Ultimate Startup Guide is an e-book that provides answers to all your questions related to starting and growing a business in India. Everything you wanted to know about entrepreneurship in India from ideation to registration to marketing to hiring. The book contains a large number of practical examples, anecdotes, interviews, and motivational material to help you get started, and to grow rapidly in a booming Indian economy. If you've got the idea, this book will help you through with the execution and realize your dreams. Here are some of the key questions you will find answered in this book:
  • When starting a business, what are the legal issues involved?
  • What form of incorporation is better suited to which type of business?
  • What tax issues are involved?
  • How do I start a business and what are the pitfalls?
  • How do I market my business in the absence of significant funding?
  • How do I get funded?
  • What are the basic accounting concepts I should be aware of?
  • What is a business plan and how should I build one?
The brief table of contents of the book is as follows:
  1. Getting started
  2. Ideation
  3. Forms of Enterprises
  4. Funding
  5. Basic Accounting and Taxation
  6. Import and Export Licensing
  7. Trademark and Patenting
  8. Rules for NRIs and Foreigners
  9. Building a Business Plan
  10. Marketing on a Shoestring
  11. Website and Branding
  12. Women Entrepreneurs
  13. Templates
To order the Ultimate Startup Guide - email me at kkmookhey@gmail.com.

Details of the book are:
Title: The Ultimate Startup Guide
Author: Kanwal Mookhey
Pages: 150
Additional: Companion CD contains numerous templates for building your business plan, calculating cashflow, preparing profit and loss, and balance sheets, preparing invoices, your resume and profile, marketing material, websites, contracts, and many other useful and motivational material.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Google Adsense won't make you money! Or will it?

Here's how you know you're addicted to the impossible dream of making money through Google Adsense:

1. You check your Google Adsense reports everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. And every time you check, your revenue has increased by the grand sum of 10 cents!

2. You scour the Internet looking for good info on making money from Adsense. You wonder how bloggers like this guy, manage to bring in the dough. You almost contemplate buying that $100 book on building Adsense revenues. But thankfully, better sense prevails. Or you find a cheaper one here. By the way, doesn't the cover look very much like a ripoff of that for Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code?

3. You keep tweaking your Adsense ads and their positions in your template hoping that you suddenly hit a goldmine. By now, you almost remember the Javascript code that accompanies the different layouts.

4. You get depressed when an A-list blogger friend of yours mentions getting thousands of hits per day on her blog, but peanuts in revenues, and then she decides to take the ads off her website!

5. You have read each help file on the Adsense home page, and all the case studies too, and in theory at least can spout as much advise as your blogger aunt. Except that she's actually making more money than you.


Can't C Me said...

remember i told you that adsense will not make you any money and you will be hosting google ads, essentially, for free?

i had tried it before and it turned out to be a waste of time and made my web site look crappy.

Intrepid said...

Ya man! Everytime I look at those sorry adsense figures, I remember your words! But I am going to still stick with it, until I am sure I have done all that I could have...:)

Dharmesh Shah said...


Even if one uses an hourly rate of $50/hour for one's time (which is likely on the low-end for most people), then even spending 10 minutes a day just checking the AdSense reports likely means most people are actually *losing* money (not counting the time it takes to actually create the countent).

Intrepid said...

When you put it that way, it's even more depressing, considering the consulting fees I charge. Sheesh!

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