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Author: Kanwal Mookhey
Pages: 150
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Sunday, April 23, 2006


One of the things that being an entrepreneur teaches you is gratefulness. I cannot help but be immensely grateful to the people and the events that have helped get us where we are today. I am reminded of Paul Coelho's line in the Alchemist - the world conspires to help you get where you want to go.

The first person on my list would be my Dad. He's played such a wonderful role in guiding me when I needed his advice, and generally staying out of the running of the business, so that I was able to develop the confidence in my own decision-making and operational abilities. In the initial years, I think I disagreed with him on almost every aspect, but now it's almost strange the number of times we both come to the same conclusion on almost every decision. I guess I am also very grateful to both my parents in that they didn't throw a fit, when I came back home one day and announced I was quitting college, and wanted to start my own business. They've stuck by my whacky decisions, and weird ideas, and possibly have had more faith in me than I did in myself at times.

The next person would be my uncle - who though disappointed at my quitting college, allowed me to use an office he had in South Mumbai for no rent to begin with. For 6 months, I saved on the monthly rent, and didn't have to pay an upfront deposit. When I could finally afford it, I did pay him rent for all those months, but keeping my expenses low during those first few months was crucial to our survival.

Then there's our US business partner - who flew me down to the East Coast, and gave us a couple of small, but significant contracts that ensured monthly revenues in what is essentially a feast-or-famine business. We still continue to do business with him, and his advice as a mentor has been truly valued over the years.

Then of course, there's Lady Luck. I don't consider myself one of those really hard-working 16-hour a day people. Most of the deals we've done, the projects we've won could be attributed to sheer luck. Just being in the right place at the right time. Sending out an email, just to say hello, and finding a contract lands up in our laps. All those little seemingly insignificant actions, meetings, events, that led to much bigger contracts and sustainable revenues.

In a weird way, I am also very grateful to all those people who doubted me over the years. I remember the head of HR at the company that offered me a job during college. When I told him I was not taking up the job and was going to start my own company, he gasped: "But that's like jumping off a cliff, not knowing whether you can fly or not!". And I remember saying: "Funnily, that's exactly the way I look at it too! And to be able to do that - isn't that amazing?". He didn't quite agree, and I think his last piece of advice was that people like me would be better off in the Himalayas. Add to that list ex-girlfriends, their parents, uncles, aunts, college friends. I've had a lot of inspiration going there.

And finally, all those people who worked with us over the years, and those who work with us now. Especially during the initial years of struggle and uncertainty, when we all worked for low pay, and long hours just to see us get to the other side. Most of them have moved to lucrative jobs at larger consulting firms, but the goodwill we maintain ensures we continue to get business, and continue to exchange notes, and live life to the hilt. The current team is amazing as well, and as we continue to grow the excitement grows as well.

Though, it sounds like I got myself a "Thank-you" speech all prepared, it's really wonderful to have people and events come together and help save your skin.

PS: Just landed on an excellent blog posting by Guy Kawasaki with a very wonderful poem by Saxon N. White Kessinger - The Invisible Man

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Its nice to know that some people don't forget the important things in life, despite success:)!Like your blog. Keep bloggin..